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 Cassie suhted

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Cassiopeia Miller

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PostitaminePealkiri: Cassie suhted   Reede Dets 30, 2016 3:16 pm

Kambakas - one of our kind; stay together through the years.
Sõbra sõber - sometimes have fun, don´t see so much, but I know a lot about u.
Peokaaslane - shot after shot. Every weekend together going wild and crazy!
Varjatud sõprussuhe - close friend behind four walls.
Sümpaatne uus tutvus - I think we mach, a lot in common. See you some other time!
Perekonnatuttav/sõber - The closest person in family business.
Lapsepõlvesõbrad - Ou, dude, remember the swing set? First words, first joys, first laughs and cry.
Lasteaiakaaslased - Hey you, I have some sand in my hair!
Head sõbrad - Always the one, who gives me right direction.
Lähedased sõbrad - Always on the phone if you need someone to talk to.
Parimad sõbrad - Nothing gonna tear us apart. You are always there for me.
Lahutamatud - Standing by my side forever.
Hingesugulased - We are one and the same.
Kaugsõbrad - I would walk a thousand miles to just see you.

Silmarõõm - something about her, I can´t lie his/her on my mind.
Flirt - meet me halfway.
Armumine - Do you ever think, when you all alone all that we can be, where this thing can go? Am I crazy or falling in love? Is it really just another crush?
Kaugsuhe - The time we spent apart will make our love grow stronger, but it hurts so bad I can´t take it any longer.
Ühepoolne armastus - You should let me love you, let me be the one to give you everything you want and need. Please, make me your selection.
Keeruline armastus - I can´t tell you what it really is, I can only tell you what it feels like.
Salajane armumine - Why do I keep running from the truth, all I ever think about is you.
Praegune kaaslane - I wanna grow old with you, I wanna die lying in your arms.
Afäär(armuke) - My heart is in two different places. What a women to do when she´s loving two?
üheöösuhe - one guy is my jump off, one guy is my man.
Tõmme - I´m more than just an option.
Keemia - Sparks, sizzle, hotness and something more.
Varjatud armastus - one can´t know about this.
Keelatud armastus - Cause it´s too late to escape, we are stuck in love we were not suppose to be in.
Endine - Refuse to be forgotten. I doubt you find another.
Möödanik - You were my everything. I need u and, I miss u and I love u and I wanna hold u I wanna see you you were my everything and I really miss you.
Unistus - Can´t get you out of my head.
Purunenud lootus - why can´t you see, that you belong with me?
Lahkumineku äärel - This is stupid, I´m not stupid. Don´t talk to me like I´m stupid. I still love you, but I just can´t do this. I may be dumb but I´m not stupid.

Tüütu - stay out of my business.
Talumatu - Ou men, you really need a doctor.
Rivaal - You gonna get what you asked for, you know that right?
Pingeline õhkkond - You better step back, I don´t wanna react. You don´t wanna see me lose control.
Vihatud - You best be on your way out.
Vihavaenlased - Do me a favor, die!
Petja - Don´t call me anymore, ain´t gonna be your toy.
Kahepalgeline - She/He can´t get like me.
Endine sõber - How did we get here, when I used to know you so well?
Kadedus - where that luck comes?
Kartmine - Just hope you will be in good mood when I see you.
Selja pööramine - If you gonna try to get me, then I´m get you back.
Kannatuse katkemine - I refuse to pay for something I didn´t do.
Armukadedus - Stop breaking apart the part of her heart I´m in.
Seletamatu viha - we´re not the same.
Usaldamatus - But It´s not that I don´t wanna believe you, because I do. But every time I try to, you give me reason not to.
Jälestus - I don´t wanna hear your sad songs, I wanna feel your pain.
Petetud - I got this ice box where my heart used to beat.
Egoist- standing on your own pedestal.

Alles tutvunud - Ei oska midagi täpset veel öelda.
Kunagi näinud - Have you been there? Do you know that person?
Midagi kuulnud - rumors.
Õpetaja - the one who I will remember for a long time, because it´s the person who taught me everything.
Naaber - No wall, no limits!
Unustatud - I don´t have no idea who you are.
Ei meenu - Sorry, again. Who are you?
Unustamatu - d**n those memories!

Kui soovid, et sind lisaksin, siis palun postita järgnevad andmed:

Nimi -
Kes ma sulle olen? -
Why o' why? -



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